Blue Rock Station

 Blue Rock Station is Ohio’s premier sustainable living farm, bringing green living alive with school day trips, llama treks, group tours of Ohio’s first Earthship plus straw bale cabin stays, and weekend workshops.

A visit to the Blue Rock Station is an opportunity to rest from the unreal world of fast paced work and city life, and step into another world.  Annie and Jay Warmke have created a sustainable living farm located just south of Zanesville in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains, and they invite their guests to share some of the moments in their lives as they milk goats, construct buildings or grow food.

Reservations can be scheduled to tour Ohio’s first Earthship, a house designed by Architect Michael Reynolds using tires, cans, bottles and strawbales to create a one-of-a-kind inviting home.  Other buildings include the plastic bottle greenhouse, the chicken strawbale chalet and the privy with the million dollar view.  As of 2009 guests can stay over night at Blue Rock Station – two new strawbale cottages designed by Nans Thomassey are available for sleeping in the woods – a once in a lifetime experience for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Join a llama trek, come for high tea or take a workshop on green living or attend a construction weekend…tag along on a bus tour or just enjoy a restful afternoon with a cool drink at the overlook with Jay and Annie.

Reservations are a must or visit www.bluerockstation.com for regularly scheduled open houses or events. 
Blue Rock Station

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