Gale Garden

Gale Garden is a serene green space in a historic residential community for resting the weary body and renewing the harried mind and spirit. The garden is located in the McIntire Historic District of Zanesville with access from Adair Avenue.

The area now included in the Gale Garden was a farm pasture in the early 1800s and then a truck farm for vegetables. The property was purchased by Kenneth and Jane Gale in 1938 and turned into a retreat behind their home and garden.

In 2005, the Gale family proposed donating the one-acre lot to the community as a public garden. The property was transferred to the Mission Oaks Foundation and then in 2010 it was transferred to the Muskingum Valley Park District.

Through the efforts of many individuals, companies and organizations, the garden has been transformed into a beautiful place for people to relax and visit while enjoying a varied collection of rare and unique plants in a woodland motif.
Gale Garden

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