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Good Times at The Warehouse in Dresden

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 by Thomas A. Reiss, Zane State College Student

Have you ever found yourself hungry and looking for a good time? Then come check out The Warehouse in Dresden! It is a great location for any situation! Many people have come to try the eatery, which ranges from pizza to steak, and have left eager to return for more. Also, if you are a fan of live music, then The Warehouse would be a prime and ideal choice! There are many reasons why you may find The Warehouse to be your new favorite spot.

We all know the food is undoubtedly what comes to mind when taking factors into account when choosing a good restaurant. The cuisine expands across many categories and dishes. Offered is a large selection of appetizers, salads, soups, pizzas, sandwiches, fish, steak, burgers, pork, and more! You will surely be satisfied no matter what you crave. Personally, I have never received a dish that has left me unsatisfied or hungry. And if you are feeling particularly bold or famished, you may wish to tackle the Big John Challenge, which is no small feat, and join the ranks of the diehard Steak n’ Stein elite!

For some, drinks may be debatably just as important as an establishment’s food. They serve a selection that would quench any thirst! You have your choice of many fountain drinks, teas (sweet and unsweet), and coffee. Also available for those who are of legal age to purchase are several bottled beers, beers on tap, and wine slushies. And the best part is that everything is quite reasonably priced!

The service here is also terrific—one may go as far as to say unmatched by any local restaurants! I have yet to see a server be rude or unaccommodating to anyone, regardless of the situation. If any mistake or miscommunication arises, every able staff member is quick to action to rectify it and bring satisfaction to the customers. You will always be treated like a member of “The Warehouse family” and taken care of. Service here is top notch!

The Warehouse also has a great location! It is no surprise that it is known as the king of food locally. Conveniently located right off of State Route 60 in Dresden, it is in a perfect spot for anyone around the area. Finding yourself around Tri-Valley High School for a game or event? It will always be a great dining spot to end the night at! If that is not as common for you, and you are just finding yourself anywhere around the area, it would be a great place to head for a stellar evening! Also, there is a second location in Roscoe Village, just off of State Route 16. The Roscoe Village location is also the original of the two establishments, and it is known to be just as fantastic as the Dresden location!

Perhaps entertainment is what you concern yourself with while making your final decision. There is some form of entertainment every day, never leaving you bored! The entertainment varies across many options. There are several flat-screen TVs spread around the indoor seating area for the movie, news, or sports buff. You may ask any of the servers for a channel change should you feel the need. If music is your true prize, then be sure to come in when a band is scheduled for an evening full of good food, good music, and good times for the whole family! The Warehouse Steak n’ Stein Facebook page lists updates and information on all upcoming performers so everyone can stay in the loop!

The setting is also an important factor to take into consideration. Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are great choices. Indoor seating is complete with booths, bar seats, and tables (long and short). The walls are decorated with numerous pictures, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, local school pride, and more to make you feel right at home and as though you are part of the team. The seating area outdoors is large and spacious, containing tables under the building’s roof as well as many tables with umbrellas to provide shade for you. All live music occurs in the outdoor seating area. Should you happen to need a location to host a meal for a larger party of people or an event, The Warehouse also has a separate private seating area towards the back that is available for use and reservation.

During my most recent visit there, I was very accommodated and very pleased. I ordered an Oscar Melt with a side of the seasonal vegetables. My friend Ethan accompanied me and opted to get an order of the potato skins. The Oscar Melt included an abundance of cheese, bacon, tomato, and crispy pickle fries atop Texas toast. My side of seasonal vegetables was a dish of asparagus grilled to perfection and drizzled in butter. The potato skins came topped with cheese, bacon, brisket, and green onions with sides of BBQ sauce and the sriracha sour cream for a bit of spice. These items were especially delicious, and everything turned out perfectly and just as requested. On other occasions I have had the joy of eating a variety of their burgers, desserts, pizzas, appetizers, and sides. I honestly cannot think of a single instance that I have not enjoyed any item I have ordered, including certain dishes containing sauerkraut, which I had not enjoyed before trying The Warehouse’s version!

In conclusion, The Warehouse Steak n’ Stein is a terrific place to go for any occasion or scenario. Your requests will always be fulfilled to the staff’s best ability, and your satisfaction is essentially guaranteed. If you are ever looking for a good meal and a good time, then go check out The Warehouse. You won’t be let down!