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McGraw Edison Recreational Area

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by Kayla Guckert

The McGraw Edison Recreational Area is better than all the other parks because it is an 80-acre park, and it has a lot to do. The park was a little quiet when I went; no one was there, and it was really peaceful. No one will bother you, and you can look at what you want to and be one with nature. There is also a creek and a small pond to go to and fish. If you don’t want to fish, you can walk around and enjoy the scenery and listen to all the birds chirping and the little animals scurrying in the woods. You can see many butterflies on your walk through the park. There is so much land you can go see, but some of the grass is grown up.

Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area

There is good fishing here because you get good fish. There is a creek called Little Salt Creek and a small pond to fish in. When I went, I sat by the creek and watched the water go by, and I watched the frogs jump in and out of the small pond. I saw turtles on a log and fish rings all over the pond—circles in the water where the fish would come up. It was very quiet and peaceful; I could hear the little animals scurrying in the woods and the birds chirping overhead. When I felt the water, it was as cold as ice, but it felt good because it was hot outside.

Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area

There were so many different bugs I saw in the park. You can go there and look at all the different butterflies. When I went, I saw all different kinds of butterflies. There were pathways through the woods that you could go down to look at different bugs. I found a little creek, and there was a little wooden bridge to go across to get to the other side of the trail. There were a lot of little trails that branched off of the main road. I went down a couple of them; one was by the Little Salt Creek. It went right by the creek, and I got some good pictures of the creek.

You can animal-watch too, and because there is so much land, you can bird-watch. There are grasslands that are a good exhibit for birds in the warm season; the grass attracts them and other little animals like bunnies. There were a lot of bird houses everywhere for the birds. Everywhere I looked, there was a bird in the tree or flying through the sky. It would be perfect to bird-watch and just lie back in a chair and listen to nature.

Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area Blog-McGraw-Edison-Recreational-Area

The park is in Zanesville at the Muskingum Valley Park District. It is located nine miles east of Zanesville in Perry Township. It is owned and maintained by the park district. The one thing that I loved about the park was that it was quiet and I could be one with nature.

The McGraw Edison Recreational Area is better than all the other parks because it is bigger than all the other parks, and it is very quiet out there. You can fish in the pond or the creek because there are many fish in the pond (when I went, I saw a lot of circles in the water where the fish came up). You can go bird-watching in the park too by the fields because there are a lot of bird houses everywhere. You can also go to look at bugs and butterflies if you are a bug collector and you like bugs a lot. It was very peaceful, and no one was there, so I could just think and listen to nature and nothing else.