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The Secret Garden

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 by Job Hinkle, Zane State College Student


The Gale Garden is a quiet and secluded place hidden from sight. This garden hides many natural beauties that many people should enjoy. It is a very old garden found in Zanesville with an abundance of unique plants. Many homes are found bordering this garden, which is an acre in size. The time I spent there was very enjoyable and peaceful. It was a relief to escape from the stress of everyday problems and just take a moment to enjoy the surroundings and smell of flowers in bloom, and it provided a chance to relax and de-stress.


Entering the garden was a nice change of pace from the speed of everyday life. The air even felt lighter in a certain sense, and the beautiful greenery varied in the garden from the big green hostas to spindly maples and chestnut saplings as well as the big blue hydrangeas that sprang up. And one of the most beautiful flowering plants was a hibiscus with a large pink-and-red bloom. Then I saw a fountain with very old designs and water that held green algae lining the sides in the shape of a ring. Then a great stone table with moss etched into the very rock formed a beautiful natural display. It stood alone in the clearing just adjacent to the fountain. The feeling that came from the place was a great chance to enjoy the little things in life again.


I feel that many who just ignore such a thing as a garden overlook its beauty, but I found it quite therapeutic to just take a moment and appreciate the peacefulness that comes with it. Kenneth and Jane Gale preserved the garden back in 1983. It’s located in Zanesville, Ohio, on Charles Street. It may be old, but it still holds life and vibrancy. The wood of a peculiar-looking shed may have faded with age, but it still stands after all these years; and the fountain may not be as grand as it once was, but it still holds value for the fact that something so old is still here where it was left.

Some of the life that can be found in the garden other than the plants are animals. I saw a few friendly squirrels which didn’t seem to mind my presence. A variety of butterflies would flutter overhead, and other small insects would be seen on leaves and hiding amongst the freshly mowed grass. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees overhead, giving the glade a pleasant warmth. The garden also had a few resident birds. The reddish-brown wrens flew above in the trees, chirping happily. Two larger starlings stayed perched on the gate that surrounds the garden


The Gale Garden was a great way to experience nature in a neighborhood not far from home for those who live in Zanesville. The garden was subtle in appearance, but it made you feel as if you stepped back in time, for the garden hasn’t been touched by any construction over the years.

In conclusion, the Gale Garden is a great place to visit if you want to relax and get in touch with nature. Its history with the town is very old and cherished by the gardeners. The plants found there are unique and abundant along with the other animals found there. Overall it was a great trip, and I really enjoyed my visit—and the chance to just take a break from the world and enjoy life was refreshing.