Vase In Place

 By 1898, with three major industrial pottery companies, Zanesville, Ohio was titled the “Clay Capital of the World”. Over time, its largest employer was the Weller Pottery Company with 1,500 workers producing pieces now highly prized by collectors.

Located in the Putnam District, just south of the 6th Street bridge, the old Weller company building was purchased to restore the building to much of its former glory with the establishment of the Weller Pottery Museum and studios for local potters, ceramicists, and artisans associated with a new era of inspired works.

To facilitate this endeavor, an idea was born in the Spring of 2005 involving the majority of potteries and artists along what has become the Appalachian Clay Corridor, a grand attraction for collectors and tourists alike, to cast a vase seven feet in height, gather sponsors for each of the 100 creations, match with artists to decorate in both traditional and modern designs, raising funds for this magnificent community attraction. Thus was begun the Vase In Place project.

Various Locations throughout Muskingum County

Vase In Place

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