Weasel Boy Brewing Company

“Wet your whistle with a Weasel!”  Weasel Boy beers are produced locally in the brewery located at 126 Muskingum Avenue.  It takes two to three weeks to create a beer, which once completed, is then taken straight from the tanks and transferred into kegs.  Kegs are delivered served at our on-site pub and your local watering hole, usually less than three weeks after being crafted.
Weasel Boy uses only the highest quality ingredients available and to ensure the best flavor possible and we never filter or pasteurize our creations.  Most of our beer is fermented using the same strain of yeast, which was chosen because it gives Weasel Boy beers unique flavors and characteristics.
So sit down and enjoy your pint of Weasel Boy beer.  Feel free to come and visit us anytime. We offer live music every Saturday, pizza and much more – check out the website for complete information.  Brewery tours are available by appointment.   
Weasel Boy Brewing Company

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