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A Terrific Time at Terry’s Tavern

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 by Hudson Brown, Zane State College Student

Terry’s Tavern is one of Zanesville’s oldest and most well-known casual dining destinations. The restaurant sits right beside the Muskingum River on Linden Avenue. Terry’s Tavern is a great spot for amazing food, entertainment, and fun—all in one convenient location. The food and drinks are at a great price with outstanding quality and taste. There is no shortage on entertainment either as there is music and karaoke along with other things. The restaurant is in an easy-access location with an abundant amount of parking. Terry’s Tavern has a great environment as well that starts with its outstanding staff. Terry’s Tavern is an all-around great place to spend time with family and friends.

The food at Terry’s Tavern is by far some of the best in the Zanesville area—and at a great price too. There is nothing on the menu that is over $7, which would be unheard of if this were a chain restaurant. Terry’s Tavern also has deals on drinks and food throughout the week which makes them less than the price listed on the menu. For example, on Saturdays when The Ohio State Buckeyes are playing, nachos are only $5. Along with the food being extremely affordable, the ingredients used are of great quality. Terry’s Tavern uses real beef in their burgers, and they hand-cut their French fries every day. They cook everything on a flat-top grill which is right in front of the bar so you can see how your food is prepared and what goes into your meal. All of the food is prepared with great care and is presented in an appealing fashion. The taste of the food is incredible as well. I ordered a cheeseburger with an egg on it and home fries. The burger was cooked to perfection, and the home fries were delicious! The burger was extremely juicy, and the bun was toasted on the grill with butter before serving it to give it a nice, crispy bite. The home fries had a nice crispness to them on the outside, and on the inside was the soft, fluffy potato. All in all, the food at Terry’s Tavern is well worth the price and tastes outstanding!


The entertainment at Terry’s Tavern is top-notch, and there is something for everyone there. The first thing you notice entertainment-wise is the music. Terry’s Tavern plays a great selection of old and more modern hits that everyone will know. The music is upbeat and seems to put a smile on everyone’s face and a pep in their step. The music is played through high-quality speakers that can be heard throughout the whole restaurant. The music is not overpowering, though, so you are still able to carry on a conversation at a normal tone. There is also a jukebox where, with a small fee, you can play whatever song you would like and hear it wherever you go in the restaurant. On certain days throughout the week, there is karaoke and live bands that will come play for the customers. It is always a great performance whether it be a customer singing karaoke or a talented local band. Terry’s Tavern also has many televisions throughout the restaurant, which are great for watching the big game with your friends or watching the evening news with your dinner. The staff has no problem changing the channel for you, either, so you do not have to hesitate to ask. Terry’s Tavern also features many gambling games such as Keno that interest many customers looking to test their luck.

Terry’s Tavern is in a prime location and has easy access. It is located on Linden Avenue and is easy to find with its neon sign outside the restaurant. There is an abundance of parking in front of the restaurant as well as across the street in a gravel lot. The great parking helps people get in and out efficiently and without frustration. With multiple patios, there are amazing views of the Muskingum River and Y-Bridge. Terry’s Tavern offers docking for boats cruising up or down the Muskingum River. This is extremely convenient for the boaters because they do not have to dock somewhere else, which could be far away, just to get some great food. The location of Terry’s Tavern is superb, and you cannot get the sights that it brings anywhere else in Zanesville.


The staff at Terry’s Tavern treat you like you are one of their own. They will always do anything they can to make your visit everything you want it to be. They are easy to talk to and treat everyone like they are family. They do an awesome job of getting your food out in a hurry and always making sure your glass is full. You can also call Terry’s Tavern and have your order made ahead of time. This is great for when you are in a hurry and have no time to waste. The staff always prepare food like they are making it for themselves. They always put the customer first and want them happy.

Terry’s Tavern is an all-around great place to go for amazing food, mind-blowing entertainment, and fun with family and friends. The food will always satisfy your hunger and is easy on your wallet. The entertainment keeps the restaurant lively and full of fun. The convenient location makes it easy to visit along with beautiful sights. The staff makes you feel like you are a part of their family and are very welcoming. Terry’s Tavern is one of the best spots in Zanesville to get all of these great things in one place.