The Pros and Conn’s of the Popular Potato Chip

Have you ever picked up a bag of chips to snack on with the intention of eating just a few and ended up eating at least half the bag? It must have been Conn’s. Conn’s is one of the top-selling brands of potato chips in the world. Conn’s manufacturing location in Zanesville provides tours, offers low prices on their chips, presents great customer service, and fills tins per request with hot and fresh chips right out of the fryer and off the conveyor.

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Good Times at The Warehouse in Dresden

Have you ever found yourself hungry and looking for a good time? Then come check out The Warehouse in Dresden! It is a great location for any situation! Many people have come to try the eatery, which ranges from pizza to steak, and have left eager to return for more. Also, if you are a fan of live music, then The Warehouse would be a prime and ideal choice! There are many reasons why you may find The Warehouse to be your new favorite spot.

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Tom's Ice Cream Bowl

Zanesville is a town full of restaurants and fast food, but the restaurant that sticks out the most is Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. Tom’s is so famous that it has been on Ice Cream Nation on the Cooking Channel. Tom’s has not always been Tom’s. In the past it was owned by Jack Hemmer and Tom Mirgon but was bought by Mirgon, and in 1957 it finally became Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl. Tom worked at the diner until 1984 and finally decided to sell the business to his former manager Bill Sullivan, and Bill owns the place to this day. He still maintains an excellent dining experience and good relations with the people of Zanesville. Tom’s has the best dining experience in Zanesville and surrounding areas; furthermore, Tom’s is the only place in Zanesville that still makes ice cream on a daily basis, with an owner who took a pledge saying, ''I pledge to maintain the fine quality, cleanliness, and excellent service created by Tom and, as a tribute to the many years of Tom’s hard work, to never change the name of Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl.'' With someone who takes a pledge like that, you should know that you are in for a treat of a dining experience.

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